Thursday, October 19, 2006

Final Project Update

Hey guys!
Its 1am now and I am pleased to report that my honours project is complete.
Well its not a Hugues Hoppe version op Geometry Clipmaps but atleast its got all the basics covered. And ok it doesn't looks so good but if one has time, many wonderful things can happen. He he. ;)

Well basically my terrain can move, without moving the camera... the computer gives the illusion that you are actually moving but actually you are standing still and the world moves around you.
I also added an elevation texture just to make things a bit more distinguishable.

Well I am demoing tomorrow (well later today ;) ) and I hope that my lecturer aproves my work.

Here are some screenshots:

Looks a bit better than the green one?

Here I moved it a bit.

Here I moved it some more.

Well, not much more to report I'm afraid. If you are interrested in learning what Geometry Clipmaps is and how it works, I would really suggest you do! It was a learning experience! He he.
Well, this is LA signing off now for bed.

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