Monday, October 09, 2006

Project Update

Hey guys!
Remember I said that I will upload my project progress...
Well I finally have some good pics to show.
You will see that my landscape isn't 100% but atleast it looks much better than what I wanted to show you.
The first image is from above, ordinary.
The second is also from above but with layer colors.

My Geo-clipmap uses vertex textures and vertex buffer objects. Its written in C++ with OpenGL.

Here are also a few shots taken from my ray tracer:

Has reflections

Middle sphere has refraction

Just a cool image. Feel free to use it as a wallpaper.

I don't wanna brag about this (and please don't see it that I am, I really don't want to) but I enjoy making this stuff and to show what I made for others who are interrested, to encourage them to try and make better stuff. I might give some info about this later. Graphics is for the eye to enjoy! No wonder why they call it eye candy!

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