Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Bad Vista!

You're probably saying: "Oh no, not you too, an Anti-Vista fanatic!" and you might be right!
I want to share this new OS not to discredit MS but their newly released Vista. I like Windows XP, I am using it for years and think it's the best OS that MS has released in years but Vista is for me a huge disappointment and a waste of money (especially for us South-Africans)!

I'll extend my list of reasons after this list provided by an other Linux Blogger:

25 Shortcomings of Microsoft Vista OS

I would like to add:
  • That OpenGL is also being compromised by calling Direct3D functions instead of having its own traditional OpenGL library handling 3D graphics. Don't you think it will affect performance?
  • All the new games coming out will use Shader Model 4.0 (fully or partially) which is only found in DirectX 10.0 and that is only for Windows Vista.
  • You need a strong computer and graphics hardware to run Vista ordinarily, never mind the heavy games. Also you need to spend so much on Vista, your new computer, and your new games that you'll be in the red if you're not a rich dude! Like you need a "Vista Ready" machine.

FSF starts campaign to enlighten computer users against Microsoft's Vista OS

Vista restricts the user immensely, so read that before going "YEAH VISTA!!!"

I've been feeling bad about Vista for a long time and so far it hasn't improved to change my mind. I even worked with Vista - Beta on a machine at university, it was slow, stalled a lot, chowed a lot of RAM and that wasn't even the 3D option (and its one of those new DELL machines with 512 MB DDRII RAM, Intel 2.8 GHz HT CPUs, etc)!

So far all I saw, read and heard about Vista was negative stuff, I didn't even see 1 positive thing myself. Can someone please tell me what is so great about Vista that MS wants to force us all to use that OS instead of older or alternative OSs? Please, I really want to know! (for curiosity sake)
I really hope that other vendors (for programming, etc.) won't create their SDKs and Development software to be Vista-only in the future!

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