Sunday, July 15, 2007

Hath Hell No Fury?

I have stumbled yet again but I landed on a site very interesting and intriguing. This site challenges some beliefs we have about death and hell.

Read it for yourself, and be the judge.
It certainly provided a new view point of Hell and those who're going to visit it.
One thing inside which I do want to highlight is, that it claims the Bible to say that people die in Hell for ever but they don't burn there forever (or they won't be dying forever).


GG said...

After reading 'Hell-Fire' by Joe Crews (JUST DO IT!) the words from Heb 2:3, which were the catalysts to bring me back to Christ suddenly raised their head again :' will we escape if we neglect so great a salvation?...'
May the eternal Love of the Living God be with you,

LA said...

Yes and it would be foolish not to accept such a wonderful gift from God but so many are blinded by Satan so that they cannot see God's plan of salvation for their lives.
Which is why we must pray that the Lord would remove the blindfolds from their eyes so that they can see.

God Bless!