Saturday, December 29, 2007

Update Checker

I came across this blog post that really lead me to an application that I was looking for.

Do you have many applications and you like to have them up to date, etc. but it is such a drag just to go the different sites to see if a newer version is out? Well some apps saves us from this by updating themselves. This is good until you format and put on the older version to update again.

The blog I came across ( talks about Update Checker. It is an application that scans your PC really quickly and takes you to a web page with all the applications (in its database) that needs updating. This is really swell. Also when updating, it doesn't take you to the website, it gives you one of File Hippo's links for that file, which could mean faster downloading time because they sometimes have multiple mirrors.

If you update some software in Windows, I would recommend getting this app and running it manually once in a while. Currently it is in its BETA release.

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