Saturday, March 01, 2008

Code::Blocks is released!

At last! An official release of Code::Blocks and look'in good!

I have downloaded the latest release of the Code::Blocks IDE from the site and so far I am pretty impressed by the features and speed of the application. It now features lots of parsers for script editing and compiler languages.
I wouldn't know about all the other languages and compile projects but I would mainly use C::B for C++ programming.

The Code Completion is much more responsive than before (you might see it from the second time and onward when opening C::B) and rich in data types (the list box that pops up displays everything from #DEFINEs (except their params) to variables and functions (obviously). Unfortunately it doesn't seem to handle templates. Bummer!

The wxSmith GUI Editor seems nice enough to use, haven't tried it out completely but it should be sufficient for moderate wxWidgets projects.

Well thats all that I have seen for now, haven't went through everything but it seems good enough to use though. I have worked with the nightly versions before and even they were pretty good so now I can only image how much better this version is (and how much more stabler).

Unfortunately I don't know how this IDE compares with others (except VisualStudio but I won't go there) but with those that I have seen so far, it is far better than them (also except Eclipse and Netbeans but they aren't native to C++ development, like you can only do C++ and nothing else, no Gui editors for wxWidgets, no library support, etc. but I could be wrong!), however if I were to compare to wxDevC++, I would say that wxDevC++ has a better Gui editor (but then again I only used C::B's editor for a few seconds, not a few days) but C::B has better coding facilities!

Cheers and God Bless!

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