Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Windows Explorer alternative

For those who're tired of Windows Explorer, a very nice free alternative I found does what I want it to and more...

There are a wide variety of Explorer replacements (or alternatives) that are "better" than Windows Explorer but this one I believe beats all of them in a lot of categories.
Ever heard of UltraExplorer?
Its a Delphi project (free for windows) and most people believe that Delphi GUI apps perform faster (and there is no exception in this case), although sometimes it might just stall for a while but I think it might be more of an IO stall than a "I'm too busy to listen to you" stall. ;-)
Its got a nice appearance, with skinable components (menu and toolbar). It has views that are actually customizable and very useful (except its console, that needs some work but you can get a very nice console app from Sourceforge as alternative to Windows').
You have tabbed windows support that works just life Firefox's tabs (even with the middle click event). It remembers where it was and has all the Windows Explorer context menus, and so on.
It even picks up my USB drives instantly as soon as Windows activates them and is very responsive except maybe during heavy disk IO.
I am definitely sticking to this handy tool for Windows, I even removed 'My Computer' and 'My Documents' from my desktop to replace it with 'Ultra Explorer'.

Hope you might like it. :)

God Bless.

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