Saturday, December 06, 2008

How will I go with this?

Yeah, how will I go with this blog?

Its a difficult time for me to determine how this blog is going to head. The last entry was 8 months ago because I lost interest in blogging.
Sometimes I do have some topics to write about but end up discouraged to do so via lack of time or fatigue. You know how it is, right?

So just to let everyone know, I am not sure when my next entry is going to be or whether this blog is going to continue to be updated. It will however remain up for people to read.

I also fixed the tag image issues that I had with the Digg and Delicious tagging.

All I can say is, check in once a week if you want to or subscribe this blog to your RSS reader to detect new additions. I am sorry folks, I am trying. :)
I am sure God will lead me with this as well. Maybe I might start a new blog, who knows!

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