Thursday, May 11, 2006

Blog Notice

Welcome to my blog site.

The place were you can check out what I've learnt/discovered about programming/linux/Christianity.

Also check the links on the right, some may help you some what or help you get started.

Please bear in mind that I am busy and that I won't always have time to update this site, but you can pop in once a week to see if anything has changed/happened.

I hope everyone will find this blog useful as I enjoyed writing it.

Any scripts/code/apps that you find on this blog is to be used on own risk! I am not liable if anything goes wrong while you are using it. It comes with NO WARRANTEE! I am also not liable for the way/means in which you use the named items. Just to make sure my backside is covered! ;)

I will not tolerate any prejudice and I will not allow swearing or profane words on this blog especially when you use God's name in vain! So keep that in mind.

If you have posted a comment that violates any of the above mentioned, it will not be posted at all.
I am open for criticism but please keep it within bounds.

Thanks and God Bless to all!

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