Monday, May 15, 2006

Praise for Pray

Today I rediscovered the value of praise before praying.
Usually we tend to separate the two. Tradisionally we pray in the mornings when we wake up and at night when we go to sleep and we sing praises at church. Well I'm not saying that everyone does it but it is adopted umongst many Christians.

The problem with prayer sometimes is that one cannot truly focus on God because everytime we do, we have a TODO item popping up in our minds and then we dwell on it only to remember that we are actually praing now but keep getting frustrated because we can't help it.
A few months ago, I remembered our reverent's wife talking on that subject. Satan just loves to steal our time from God and tries to distract us. The only way to get rid of such thoaghts is not to pray it away, think it away or anything like that...
You PRAISE it away. How? By singing and praising God with your mouth litterally.
When you do that, your brain starts to focus on what you say and the thoaghts start to change. The reason why you have to praise God is because He comes in and your brain finds a place to focus at.

I sang songs of praises this morning and it took my mind off my projects, etc. and made me think about God. I could actually pray for almost an hour. Wouldn't you want to be able to speak with God without any distractions?


Anonymous said...

That good that you praisebefore you pray at some stge I also realised that praising before you pray makes everything a lot easier,its actually a biblical concept that has somehow been eroded over time. Remember God said send Judah first to the Israelites when they had to conquer the Cannanites.(Judah = praise)

Last-Attacker said...

Yeah, now that you've mentioned it.
That was one of the passages from where I heard this teaching. I have to say, it works and it makes me glad.
Althoug, one doesn't always have the time or opportunity to do it. I mean, I'm not a spirit baptised person yet and I'm not the kind of person who would just start shouting for joy in the middle of passages amongst many people... yet. I whish to be able to be that spiritually mature though.