Saturday, May 20, 2006

I'm so relieved!

Man I am so thankful to the Lord who have helped me...
I had a huge struggle of setting up my home gateway on a Linux Server.
Through many tries and scouting the web I finally got to a place where someone was able to help me. I was so happy when I finally saw my internet work when I browsed a page that I was shouting it out to my family in joy.

You check the following site if you are interrested :

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Last-Attacker said...

If any of you are looking for an app in Windows to establish a connection to a SuSE smpppd daemon to dis/connect from/to the internet, check this site out. Only bugger is, its in German but atleast its got Start/Stop commands in English. Also change the config text file's IP in the program's path where you installed it to your Linux Server's IP.