Friday, May 26, 2006

Almost Done!

Well I'm so glad that I am finally done with my projects with this semester.
I did pretty well its just the exams that are left.

Thanks for anyone who prayed for me during my finalization for my project deadlines, I feel that the Lord has helped me get through it, and I would also like to thank Him for His help.
I regret to say that during the time before my project deadline, I havn't come to a quiet realization with my Maker and I regret that I havn't. But it won't help to bust my own chops, but only to prepare for the next ordeal that is yet to come... my worst subject that I'm writing Monday.
Computer Forensics, is a good subject to have but I am pretty dissapointed in the study context it had to offer. It could be for various reasons, but I really thoaght that it would be an interresting subject but I guess its because it was the only theoretical subject that had to compete against practical subjects, such as Data Communication, Compiler Construction, My Year Project and Systems Programming (Linux). He he.
But since there isn't much time left and I have a lot to study (again!) I would want to make time for God because what's the use of doing something where He is not included? How can He bless you and help you if you don't include Him or are doing things that He wants you to do. I guess its easy to make such statements now, but when one has to hurry up to finish with something, you tend to lose track of the bigger picture. I did include God in my projects but I didn't remain with Him till the bitter end, but He remained with me. Seems weird to hear it like that but God is always with us, we are not always with Him.

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