Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Had to be some kind of miracle

Its a day after I wrote my Forensics exam. Its just amazing! I only had like 3 days to study 16 chapters (well, ok 12 approximately since I had already studied 3 that Monday)! I'm sorta used to cram in a lot of info in a short amount of time but this is just rediculous. But, again... I thank God. You know ... Thursday when I was done with my projects, I decided to rest. Friday, I didn't even finish a chapter and everything was left for Saturday and Sunday.

The bad thing was that everytime I tried to study, my mind would just float off. You know what I mean? Almost the same as though I was praying... Then I realised something. What if I praised God before each study session? I sang a few songs, to get my mind off things and just afterwards I would study verbally. Taking my lecture notes, I would walk accross my room saying stuff aloud to memorise the stuff optimally. My teacher said in Highschool that if you talk, read and listen, you would achieve that optimal state... but none of that would help if your mind isn't there! But it looked like praising God before studying directed my thoughts off everything and helped me to study. I believe thats one way of studying to God's glory!
When I went to write yesterday, I saw the questions and I was so amazed. All the questions but 1 was familiar. They actually asked all the stuff I studied for, and I just about studied all the chapters they said I had to (there was a few not mentioned which were self study chapters but I didn't bother with them). I was like... THANKS GOD!!!
Hope it might help someone else.
But please don't think that I'm going to praise God for my own benefit. I know that praising God is for Him, not for me. But if one can pray for God, can't you study for Him?
Any thoughts, comments?

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