Tuesday, May 30, 2006

What are we waiting for?

Today I was also whatching the fifth DVD of Dr Kent Hovind's Creation, Evolution and Dinasaur seminar series. I have to say that I like him. He talks to the point and raises a lot of questions, not just directed against evolution but towards making us Christians think.

He tries to encourage us to spread the Gospel and do something with our lives because there is a war going on. If you're not going to be the soldier on the battlefield, you could atleast carry ammunition or attend the sick, as he would say.
I agree. Why are only a handfull of Christians fighting a battle against Satan's entire army? Why are we so content with our little, busy lives that's going to fade away in a few decades at most?
I'm not saying that I'm any better! I am just as guilty but today's seminar series just really opened up something inside me. The end of the world is so near! People want to establish a new world order, just like the Bible said they would and they don't want any Christians or any opposers of evolution in it. People who believe IN evolution don't wanna believe in God because they want to believe that they are their own god.
Those who are interrested, go to www.drdino.com to find out more about this DVD series and about lies that are taught about evolution. You can also mail him with evolution questions or get some resources on his site regarding it. It would really be great to listen to his stuff, even if you think evolution is bolony! You only have something to gain and something to give! Thank God for Dr Hovind.

If you are studying at the university of Johannesburg in South Africa, please drop me a mail and I can arrange a copy of the 7 DVD seminar series. Its not copyrighted so you can also distribute with delight. I want to start to make an investment, and I wanna start with these DVDs, I think that it might help a lot of Christians and non-Christians.

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