Sunday, June 04, 2006

Book of Acts

I was busy rounding up some verses featuring the Holy Spirit, but then the book of Acts caught my attention. I was using e-Sword ( The whole book was like a novel. I'm sorry to disturb others who already read this many times but with the God's Word translation, I just couldn't put it down. It was an amazing story!

Also the way Jesus spoke to Paul was just amazing than what I've found in the rest of the Bible. "Paul why are you prosecuting me?", "Go to Damascus, I have plans for you there.", "Paul if you don't leave this place, you're going to get killed!" (not direct quotes!).
Some parts reminded me of modern day living. Especially where the people in one village who were members of the occult just suddenly gave up all their books on magic, etc. when Paul visited them and they just opened up spontaneously to what have happened. They even mentioned the price of the amount of books burnt.
When Paul was prosecuted by the Jews for something he didn't do, he was sent to Rome. I could just see the Roman buildings and town squares, even though it wasn't fully described in the Bible.

I don't want to spoil the end of the story but it was exciting and yet disappointing. Read to find out why I say it was exciting, but it was disappointing because I never got to find out his ruling. The book just ended on Acts 28 (I dunno, maybe it was just end of story, or maybe it continued somewhere else in the New Testament, but its provably then in one of the books he wrote to the different tribes).

It showed me something different about Paul, Jesus and Christianity. Christianity can be very exciting and Paul can testify to that, but I know that it can also be very tough and bad, again reference Paul.
One would have thought that Jesus would bite off Paul's head in the beginning of Acts but did the complete opposite. It just shows how Christ has confidence in us and is willing to try and unlock the good things in us to make us better than to throw all the truthful accusations against us and judge us till doomsday comes.

This has brought a greater Love for Christ in me.

Anyone found another book in the Bible that was a hard-to-put-down book? If so, please also specify your Bible translation for the "best effect" ;)

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