Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Finished with exams

I am very happy at this moment to be finished with my exams, now I can get to some really cool stuff.
I have been working on a few things while exams went on but it was in the days when I could afford to do something else than studying.
I am going to start with my year project, and I know it sounds bad but we had to go through the "designing" phase first and the current semester wasn't a very pleasant one to start with the project as I had to work, do other projects and study for semester tests, but not to worry. Thats what recess is for! LOL! ;)
I think I'll let you guys on what I'm doing but not now, as I havn't got anything to actually show you yet. But it is a project on LOD (Level of Detail), for a graphics project.

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