Thursday, June 15, 2006

Software List

This is a list of software/libraries which I recommend or like or find interresting:

  • Firefox 2 - Great Web browser
  • Get Thunderbird! - Great e-mail client
  •  Use - Great free Office Package
  • - Cross-platform Framework for Python/C++
  • - A web development IDE, looks like Eclipse's. Supports Web scripts such as the basic stuff plus PHP, Ruby on Rails and Ajax.

  • DevC++ - C/C++ IDE
  • wxDevC++ - Its DevC++ but with wxWidgets From Designer
  • Code::Blocks - Very Good C/C++ IDE (until RC3, use the night builds)
  • 7zip - Free archive utility, fast and supports many archive formats for Windows (GUI) and Linux (apparently command line).
  • Free download manager - An Open Source, Windows download manager that competes well with the commercial app: Download Accelerator Plus.
  • Update Checker - Scans your Windows PC and displays the applications that have newer versions on the net.
  • Komposer - Frontpage open source clone
  • NSIS - Installer creator (for Windows)
  • HM NIS - Installer creator GUI (needs NSIS)
  • e-Sword - Great Bible study program (for Windows)
  • StarDict - Dictionary software. Very useful!
  • Doxygen - Documentation generation
  • YAReG - Reiser FS partition browser for Windows
  • Netbeans - Very good JAVA IDE (for many platforms). Now has more support for other languages, etc. as well.
  • Tortoise SVN - A very good Windows Subversion GUI
  • log4# - Very good logging system (# being many languages: java, .net, c++, etc.)
  • Python - A popular interpreted language
  • PyScriptor - A good IDE for Python
  • Ruby - A popular scripting language
  • Launchy - Open source keystroke launcher for Windows
  • Poderosa - Poderosa is a tabbed terminal emulator for Windows.
  • Ultra Explorer - A very good Windows Explorer alternative
  • Console - A nice Windows Console alternative

Here is a list of software/libraries which I found and would like to use (basically future reference):
  • c++ check - c/c++ code checking. Checks for these bugs: memory leaks, mismatching allocation-deallocation, buffer overrun, dangerous usage of 'memset', badly defined overloaded operators. Checks for code improvements: redundant code, rewriting standard function.
  • Design Pattern Automation Toolkit - A toolkit to design applications using design patterns, with facility to generate code, and reverse engineering. Drag and Drop facility to create UML Class diagrams Support to write custom plug-ins for code generators and reverse engineering.
  • Sharp Develop - Very good alternative to Visual Studio for C#
  • Loki - Many OpenSource projects (including the popular Linux installer creator as the one of UT 2004)

Sites of note:
  • C# Source - A website dedicated to C# libraries and Frameworks.
  • Java(TM) Source - A website dedicated to Java libraries and Frameworks.