Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A little while since...

Man, even though I'm on vacation for 3 weeks now, I've been very busy with other things besides academics. I mean, my project was really hanging behind because of all the distractions.
I have to say that I have learned a lot, though but with the constant computer issues I had to resolve in between at work, home, etc it has pretty much became a pain in the butt.
But no worries, I haven't forgotten my good 'ol Blog! ;)

I wrote a command line parser in C for Console and GUI based apps (I am using it in my 3D project, works great BTW) and a configuration file parser. It can only read at the moment but does its job very nicely. It works by not loading in everything into memory at once but caching only a max of 10 sections at a time. A configuration file looks like an INI file. I did this because I always wanted to write my own kind of utils. I am especially going to use it in my project for configurable settings.

I also got to play around with TerraGen which is pretty cool for making SkyBoxes. Check this forum out to see how my project is looking so far. I still have MUCH to do for 2 weeks time, but I believe that I will reach my goal of making a Terrain LOD app.

Well, you can expect some more posting delays... I don't know what to expect in a weeks time so just in case you think that I'm going to write some more stuff... Don't put your heart on it.

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