Monday, August 21, 2006


No don't worry, I am not going to talk about omens, etc. but over something I read in Genesis that really made me astounded. Go to Genesis 4:17-24.
We see that they're talking about Cain giving birth to Enoch, who gave birth to Irad, etc. untill we see Methushael giving birth to Lamech.

Then Lamech had 2 wives and 4 children. Now Lamech made a statement to his wives regarding death and curses where he mentioned that a man who injures him, he will kill and children who hurt him also gets killed and since Cain has the 7x curse for those who kill him over his head, the one who kills Lamech will receive a 77x times curse.
Then in Genesis 5:30 we see Lamech living 777 years!

Hmm... Lamech is the 7th generation from Adam and Eve, he has a family of 7 (in Genesis 4 when it was spoken of), he spoke of a 77x curse and he lived 777 years!
I just need 3 more facts to make him carry a 7 fact of 7s! He he!

I just thoaght it was interresting to share this with you guys but it does somehow make me want to think of when Jesus spoke of forgiving your neighbour 77x7 times! I mean, Lamech did speak of killing those who hurt or wound him!

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