Monday, August 28, 2006

DeusEx Reborn

Hey guys!
Remember good old Deus Ex? Well a while ago I heard that they are making a mod for UT2004 called DeusEx:Reborn for UT2004.
It would be interresting to see how the old classic that most of us have played over multiple times would feature on a newer games engine.

I always hoped that they would just go and remake the game for a newer engine, even if they keep the story the same, etc. but for a newer experience.
Apparently it features Co-op play! WHOO! LOL!

Check it out here :

The only RPG that I've ever played! I am a huge anti-RPG guy (except for DeusEx) because its always about Magic, Potion, Monsters, Swords, Elfs, ... blah blah blah! They are all the same. Actually even though DeusEx features choices that affects your gameplay later in the game it doesn't fit into the classic RPG category IMHO. The only components that DE has thats common to other RPG games are skills, choices, backpack "management"... and I guess thats it.

Anyway, I just find RPGs too boring. Fight, fight, fight... over and over to get a little stronger to fight a bigger baddy, fight some more... spend 10 minutes organizing your backpack, exchanging weapons, magic, etc. to other characters, running to shops to get rid of excess bagage, etc...
Trust me, whatching my brother playing 10 different kinds of RPGs have given me enough reason to not play it.
No offence RPG players but I just don't like RPGs! I won't hold it against you. ;)

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