Saturday, September 02, 2006

Soldiers of Anarchy

This is an old poem I found of mine which I have written about 3-4 years ago. I'm not much of a poem writer, especially today, but there were a few poems I wrote that were exceptional, IMHO.
I can't entirely remember why I wrote this but I think I saw some things in life that resembles a war between people who care for others and people who only care for themselves.

Soldiers of Anarchy

Soldiers of Anarchy,
how do you expect to claim victory without a leader?
In large groups you gather
to become a chaos feeder.
Believing not in rules, is believing not in gravity
but the earth kept our feet on the ground since the beginning of time.
Interested in your own will
your fellowship in others decline.

Soldier! Who would help you if you're wounded or lost?
Your fellow soldiers are too busy fulfilling their will!
You fight for nothing other than yourself,
so you must spare the cost, still!
Have you not heard that a fellow soldier leaves no man behind,
fighting for a cause other than their own?
But they place themselves above each other,
why would they leave someone wounded, alone?

Wake up there you soldiers!
You fight each other even if you're on the same side!
Total freedom will be your downfall,
you'll drown in your own tide!
But guess who's cheering you on
none other than the dark lord himself!
So I ask you,
will you fight for others, or live for yourself?

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