Saturday, September 23, 2006


Man, now I'm heading closer to deadlines and exams and things are just as hecktic now as it was previously this year. My prject of geometry clipmaps is comming quite nicely, but still has some bugs so I'm not going to post a screenshot.
In a way I feel I'm almost finished with it but in a way I still feel I still have to do a lot.

I also had to make a raytracer for computer graphics. Nothing much but atleast it is at a desirable level, hopefully I could be able to add some extra things to it before the deadline, but it is low priority at the moment. I will also post some screenshots on what it can render.

If I may make a prayer request, please will you pray for me and my family. Not that anything rough is happening, just all this chaos with our home because we are building extra rooms, etc. and with all the work and academics where everything is drawing to a close, you know. And boy do I still have a lot to do! Next week I'm writing 2 tests, I have to hand in 2 written assignments and implement something (with bug fixes) for my project which my lecturer asked me to do. Yeah, next week is going to be very busy indeed.

Thanks and God Bless to all!

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