Friday, September 29, 2006

Summer! YAY!

Oh man! I'm so glad this freekin winter is almost over. We experienced nasty coldish days this year and now I am welcoming this warm summer with open arms. For us South Africans, 8 degrees during the day is very cold, it never was as cold as that in many years and the wind just makes it 10x worse, while some regions near to where I live (except mine, grrr!) had snow!
The last time Johannesburg had snow was in 1981 (edit: I changed it to the correct date) I think (just have to make sure of that) when my parents were in varsity and it was pretty well covered accross the city. We could possibly never have a snow day like in America! Nor do we have a HOT day because our temperatures usually reach a climax of 33 degrees.

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