Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Blog Hacks

Today I have accidentally discovered the wonderful world of Blogger hacks.

Now you can read long posts by clicking on the "Read more..." link and the rest of the post will just pop up (I thought I might as well use peekaboos since loading the post's own page is a waste of time and bandwidth and you have to load the entire blog front page in order to hide the "Read More" side) and you will notice that I have also added an automated "Digg It" button which gets added to all my posts automatically.

I am hoping to find more cool hacks which could prove useful and wonderful in the future which I want to add.

If you're interested here are 2 major cool Blogger hacking sites:

Blogger Hacks

I also added this one: :)
The Last Word

It allows me to add smilies to my blog post automatically. Unfortunately it isn't done at the server side but the author took some convention and made the browser replace all the characters that resembles facial expressions not at page load time but after the page is loaded, which doesn't delay the load of my blog. You will see some characters one moment and then its a smiley the next.

I also have discovered that when you click on the "Older Posts" link, its as if the page doesn't reload and the "Read More" with the smilies doesn't get applied on the page. But don't worry, as long as you click on labels, links, etc. anything other than the post navigation links such as "Older
Posts" and "Newer Posts" links, it will work just fine.

Another discovery (recently) was that the "Read More" links doesn't work so well with browsers such as Opera and Konqueror. While the page loads, it is fine but after it is done, you cannot expand or colapse the post anymore. I'll look into it when I have some time available.


Aditya said...

I just found this page! :) Thanks for using my hack.

The reason for the non-updating is because the new posts are loaded via AJAX, so unless the function to replace the characters is called after the posts load again, you won't get to see the smilies in the newly loaded posts!


Last-Attacker said...

Thanks for publishing your hack so that I could use it!
I thought the "update" problem had something to do with the web page not loading again. A bit of a drag unfortunately.