Saturday, January 20, 2007

ProZilla my download fella!

He he! :) I discovered this little app for Linux that is like wget, featuring resume downloads, etc. but it can do something that wget doesn't... it can use multiple ports to download.

Many people usually use wget to automate the download process or to donwload something from the server uninterrupted from user interferance (see this post on nohup) but now you can increase your download speeds with ProZilla and accomplish the same thing.
You can also request a list of FTP servers to use before downloading sothat it can have a wide variety of servers to download from. You can see this app as Download Accelerator, only for Linux command-line. It has a nice colored interface showing every connection's server, speed and download process and shows you all the stuff you don't see in wget. If you don't want the snazzy ncurses display, then you can pass the '--no-curses' option and it will output just plain text to the stdout pipe. Also if a server doesn't like it when you have more than 1 connection open, you can limit it to 1 (even set the max download speed with '--max-bps=n') with '-1' being passed to the program's argument list.

I know that both wget and ProZilla has their good and bad points, but I would recommend ProZilla as your "Server Download Client".

You can obtain ProZilla here (you should obviously take the non-GUI version :p ) and to install requires the ncurses development library (should be standard with Linux, else Google for it and install it) and installing it is as simple as:
1. tar -jxvf prozilla-2.0.4.tar.bz2
2. cd into that directory and run './configure'
3. make
4. go into 'su' mode and run 'make install'


Now you can 'proz' (console application name) all your downloads! ;)
Also you can pull the same stunt with nohup by this (I know its a lot of stuff to add but it is worth it ;) ):

nohup proz --no-curses --no-getch -v your_url_to_download > downloads.log &

'--no-curses' = don't make the output fancy for our log file
'--no-getch' = continue without waiting for the user to press a key on an error
'-v' = be verbose
Go and enjoy!

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