Friday, May 25, 2007

A few months of C#

Working on a system for over 2 months now, I think the C# bug has bitten me ;)

What do I mean? Well, in the beginning I was like: "Ahh C#! How stupid!". Typically I was biased, but now thanks to that system I am working on (seeing how the previous programmer wrote it) and the nice concepts of C#, I have totally developed a new thinking paradigm.

When I've learned C++, I was mainly performance driven and I worked as low level as I could. Seeing now how foolish I was, I realized that it wasn't all a waste. Having a performance-driven background and now adopting a design way of thinking, I believe, can be a very good combination. Yes I do still have a lot to learn about system design but I'm getting there!

I'm also doing some training courses which our company is offering on some Wednesday mornings which I believe I can benefit from. They're teaching design patterns which could benefit a OO programmer. Singletons, Observer Pattern, Factory Pattern, etc. Interesting stuff which could benefit your development now or later (especially when you have to expand with more functionality or re-use to make something new).

Now having explored this new OO world, I see a lot of things which C++ lacks, however one must consider what programs you would write with C++ and whether those new C# and Java quirks could benefit you at all. Man, I haven't touched C++ in a while, I have to think of something to write so that I can see how this new knowledge that I've adopted would make my C++ life easier. I like C++, not just for speed but it is something I have grown accustomed to. However, I wouldn't criticize stuff like C# and so on before venturing into it, again.
Learn from my mistakes! ;)

Have a nice week and God Bless to all!

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