Sunday, May 13, 2007

A transformation

Hello there everyone. Long time no see, I know. ;)
A lot has happened but probably not to your interest but there are a few things I would like to highlight.

Mostly it is spiritual happenings. I have to admit, it has been a very long time since I did the nightly meditation thing but through God's power and grace I did manage to ask someone in our company to not use God's name idly.

It was a Wednesday morning after our training session and one of our members drove me to work (they volunteered, since I don't have a car yet) and many times before, I would hear her say God's name a lot.
I prayed and asked if God would give me the courage to act upon it and just as we stopped before the place that I work, I asked her a favor and continued by saying that I would really appreciate it if she wouldn't use God's name in vain. Even behind her sun glasses I could see her eyes open wide, and she said: "Oh I didn't know that it offended you, but I won't say it again".
I am very thankful that she reacted like that and I have to say that many people don't even know (yeah even Christians) that it is wrong to use God's name like that. Last year I also managed (with Jesus's help) to confront a fellow colleague about using God's name and she said that she used it because everyone else did. I then told her that God punishes those who do that.

For those who haven't read this post, you wouldn't know huge thing it was for me when I did manage to confront people like that. I don't want to do it for confront-sake, but for God's name's sake.

What also happened at church is we are doing a "course" (not actually a course but I can't think of the appropriate name for it) called L10T (Luke 10 Transformation) which is all about whats happening in Luke 10. Read it and you'll notice it's about the 72 disciples that Jesus sent out. Currently we are going through the "blessing" stage where we are to speak the blessing and peace into our work, visitor's home, etc.
The reason why we are doing this is, we as a church want to reach out (rather learn how to apply) to people beyond our borders and at work.
There is so much that I've learned and want to write but it would take hours and many pages to do that.
Maybe later I'll write something that summarizes what I've learnt as I don't want to say something which I've gotten confused about or that doesn't factually get represented.

May all of you have a Blessed week and see you when I can write again ;)


GG said...

Hi, your testimony is GREAT!!!
Please look at, if you don't mind, mail me your story and I will place it!
Have a blessed day
Gabriel Smit

Last-Attacker said...

Hey Gabriel,
I'm glad that it was of value to you.
I'm in your church!
Remember me? Dandré?

I'll mail you the story as soon as I can. Bear in mind that I still need to learn to confront everyone, not just the few at work. It is a long way before I can go and defend God's name automatically. But I thank God for the progress that has been made.

God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Hey D,

Great om te sien die Blog gaan goed aan :)

Lyk goed!


Last-Attacker said...

Hey Dawie!
Great om jou hier te sien.
Hoe het jy hier uit gekom? Het jy nog die link gehad iewers?

Thanks! Ongelukkig kry ek nie altyd tyd om na dit om te sien nie en op die stadium is daar nie so baie mense wat kyk nie.

Dit het nog 'n lang pad om te gaan maar ek hoop die Here seen die site sodat dit tot ander kan uit reik!


GG said...

hi dandre, ja, ek het jou al uitge-spaai. jy't 'n lekker ding hier aan die gang, ek is nog 'n DOS-dinosaurus en die goed is my altyd een voor (blog etc), so ek doen die slipstream ding, of soos in die ou dae toe ek nog baisikel gery het hou ek aan lorries en busse vas ;-)
die Here sal jou al hoe sterker maak, tot dat jy eendag bereid is om vir Hom te sterf - wees maar geduldig!