Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Recent stuff

At work, they have finally moved me to a project (which gone open a few weeks ago, hence the previous time of updating on my blog ;) ) which I find rather challenging and interesting but also exciting.

I am very busy during the day at work. The system that I'm working on (can't say what it is, not sure if I'll violate any confidentiality ;) ) was written in C#, a language I haven't worked on before but which I am now very familiar with, since its a pure mixture of Java and C++. Not too bad, it has all the parts in all the right places and with Visual Studio 2005, it's not so bad to work in either.
I had a lot of hick-ups in the beginning but it was due to my lack of SQL Server and Visual Studio knowledge that there was issues.
A few days later, it was all sorted out and I could finally develop on the system.

I would like to talk about the company (besides the one I am employed on) and so on but not tonight. When I get home I am so tired, I just want to sit and rest. In fact, I'm gonna take a bath now, finish up and then go to sleep.

Just letting everyone know who comes to this site regularly why it suddenly got "abandoned". I mean, more than a month ago, it was almost updated every day, now it gets a post once every few weeks. LOL!

Anyway, here is something you can munch your thoughts on. I am not presenting it as a piece of truth nor lie (as in I don't say: "This is truth! Know it by heart!" or "This is a lie whatever you do, do not be fooled!"), it is something you think about and decide on. Whats the purpose of it? Well, no particular one I can think of, hopefully you might go back and say, hey, I would never have thought about it before and it was rather useful. It can have a right answer but it could have a million! :p
Here it goes (obviously it makes the assumption that God exists and I believe with my heart that He and His Son and His Spirit lives):

Is God more interested in what you are doing presently, or what you have done?

You are welcome to leave a comment if you have thought about it. Sometimes we people need some brain munchers, to keep those gears spinning in our heads (LOL! Thinking of a cartoon, no offense of course!), otherwise people start putting stuff in our heads for us and then we are nothing but gullible fools!

God Bless!

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