Friday, February 08, 2008

Getting Things Done

Heard of the GTD term? Not so new anyway but David Allen gave a good seminar on it at Google a while ago...

I read an article on another blog that dealt with GTD and had a embedded video of a 45 minute lecture.

I personally found it very interresting but there are a few things I want to bring out:
  • Some of the things he taught sounded like Biblical principles being brought up, especially the part where he talked about "letting things control you", people manipulating you through the smallest things (stop trying to control everything they will end up controlling you, thats the bottom line), and being like a "Master and Commander" where you have your eyes on the prize but humble enough to clean a toilet.
  • I like his view on the "Mind like water" part, it reminded me of Philipeans 4:6-7 where we shouldn't be anxious but always bringing our concerns to God (right now, "in every situation") to be able to receive His Peace.
  • The only thing I would tell you to bear in mind is to not apply this in your life like another law. The Bible clearly warns us about it.
  • To apply distributive cognition on all the tasks you still have to do, REALLY DOES lighten the weight your mind has to carry.
  • We need to exercise our ability to control by "having dominion" (Genesis) over creation and not people (like we used to do, which is like playing God, BTW).
It was also entertaining to watch as there were some clips of humor here and there and David really has a good talent for doing what he does (I think, IMHO).

My favorite part was:
"People think that information overload the is problem... actually if information overload was the problem, you'd walk into a library and die!", "It's actually potential overload..."

Let me know what you thought about it, I would be interrested to know what you thought about and learn't from it.

[Edit:] Here is also a Wikipedia entry regarding GTD:

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Daniel Cabral said...

Thx. I enjoyed reading this post.

I am reminded of a story about the great painter Michelangelo.
One night the Pope went looking for Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel in Rome. The Pope found him in the dark corner of the ceiling.
The Pope asked him "What are you doing endangering your life in the dark corner of the ceiling?"
I am polishing the wings of an angel," replied Michelangelo.
"But that part of the ceiling is so hidden that no one will ever notice it." continued the Pope.
"At least God sees it everyday." reposted Michelangelo. (1)

Michelangelo got things done without anyone supervising or cajoling him. He even continued to exercise excellence on the tasks
that seemed to be unimportant and out of sight.

From a Christian perspective who knows the Lord, we know that He is interested in everything we do in our lives.
Being aware of His presence is enough motivation to do the best you can with the abilities you have.
With one goal in mind which is to please Him.

Collosians 3-23. And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;(KJV)