Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hope of what is yet to come

I am too excited to hold this for myself. I have to share what God showed me this morning!

I was driving on our South African roads from Johannesburg to Centurion on my way to work when I read about our Scorpion unit (our Anti-Corruption Unit) which is going to be downgraded to our South African Police Services. I do not mean to speak ill of my country but hear me out.

I spoke to God on how I felt about it: the crime, the injustice, the corruption... I wasn't whining, I asked God that it should stop, you know, it was more of a plea for change. I mentioned to God that if the Scorpion unit was to split, then all those high officials (charged with so many cases of corruption) would be automatically discharged and not prosecuted by the law (since they would now have power over the Scorpions). Then one of them might become our future president, and then you can just imagine what would happen.

I just said to God (paraphrased): "When will all this stop? Our country is sick and destroyed by all of this. Please raise us up again, Lord! Bring us all back in line with what you had in mind from the beginning of time, let our government and our people be in your line of Grace and Blessing again, Lord! Deliver us!"

I thought for a moment about it and then a thought occurred telling me: what if God wants to show that we are not supposed to rely on the Scorpion unit for deliverance?

When I climbed on the highway, a black BMW went passed me, and I saw something weird written on its numberplate (because it was like one of those custom number plates where you can put anything on) it said "PSALM75 GP".
I then immediately knew what God wanted to tell me. I didn't know what it said but I sort of had an idea. It wasn't coincidence that this happened. This morning I had to fill up my car with gas, if I had not, I might have missed it. It was all orchestrated by God!

I got to the office this morning, raced to my PC and Googled Psalm 75.
Read and see for yourself. I wish I could have taken a photo of that car, but I believe that it was God that brought that car passed me!